The Pirate theme is a theme with floating islands as a background and many pirate-related features. All monsters also have pirate-related objects, such as a black eye patch. It is a great theme to get the "Serial
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The Pirate theme

Springer" achievement, since it contains many springs.


In this theme, you will find a special type of platform: ladder, which contains multiple platforms all connected. They all seem to move continuously due to the wind, that seems to target mostly the bottom platforms; because of that, its safest platform is the one at the top (it moves the less).

Around the map, you will occasionally find treasure maps. They lead to a treasure chest, which gives a random amount of money. Initially, you will find basic, wooden chests; however, as you go further, you'll find better chests, that give more coins. If you don't collect the map, you won't see the treasure chest and the coin reward within it will be gone.

For obstacles, there are cannons and skulls. Both do the same thing: They shoot projectiles that will make you bounce towards the way they are going (they don't kill you unless you fall). You should probably dodge them, but if you are hit by one, you can still move back to a platform.

There are also monsters who will defend the treasure chest. If there's one right in front of one (i.e., on the same platform as the chest), try not to bounce on his head. It will make you lose the chest. Instead, take him down with your weapon. Only stomp him if you have no other choice.


There are three types of chests known so far:

  • Wooden: Gives between 100 and 200 coins;
  • Silver: Gives between 200 and 400 coins;
  • Golden: Gives between 400/500 and 1000 coins.


Main article: Store#Pirate_ThemeEdit
The Pirate store has outfits that each must be unlocked in order to unlock the next. Each of them has
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The Pirate store

a better weapon than the previous one. Also, there are Resurrects and Head-starts being sold.