The Doodler in the Ninja theme, seen in characteristic ninja attire.

The Ninja theme is one of the themes on Doodle Jump that can be selected on the theme menu. This theme in particular has golden coins that the Doodler can collect on the platforms. There are different types of platforms involved in this theme; the normal platform which are shown in the image which are coloured black, and patterned platforms which move when jumped on. There are also the constantly horizontally moving platforms which are grey coloured and patterned. The Doodler can purchase powerups from the store on the Ninja theme after attaining a certain number of golden disks ("coins").


You will come across many monsters (which can take one or two shots to kill, or a single bounce), bear traps (which can be avoided at the last second but requires good timing to do so) and the regular black holes (shown as paint).

As you go further on the game, you will see more coins on coin packs. Here's the list of known coin pack bonuses:

At the beginning of the game, all coin packs only give one coin.

At 15000 points, all coin packs give two coins.

At 25000 points, all coin packs give three coins.

At 30000 points, all coin packs give four coins.

The Shop Edit

The Sumo outfit: Costs 3500 coins and enables the Doodler to stomp and shake monsters down.

Shadow outfit: Costs 2500 coins and makes the Doodler invisible to monsters.

Double Jumper: Costs 6000 coins and makes the Doodler jump once, and jump high a second time.

Sugegasa: Costs 4500 coins and makes the Doodler turn upside down and bounce extremely high

Head Start Cannon: Costs 250 coins each and gives Doodler a headstart at the beginning of the game by shooting Doodler out of a cannon.

Resurrect Barrel: Costs 500 for 5 and saves Doodler when it falls.

Propeller hat: Costs 250 coins and flies Doodler higher than regular propeller hat. It can then be further upgraded up to the carbon propeller hat. Each upgrade increases its flight time.

Jetpack: Costs 500 coins and flies higher than regular jetpack. Multiple upgrades can be bought later on to improve the jetpacks power ending with the super sonic Jetpack. Each upgrade increases its flight time delicious