The multiplayer race section of doodle jump is exclusive to the iPad only. It is included in the full HD version and can be purchased in the App Store for $2.99.


The gameplay is fairly similar to all other doodle jump worlds in the game. However, you play against another person (either your friend or someone else looking for a second player) through Game Center. The first player to fall is declared the loser and the winner gets one point. Unlike all other worlds, the race world is not infinite. The first player to reach the finish line will also be declared a winner. The race will continue as long as both players want to keep playing. If one player quits the race is off. YOU CANNOT PLAY THIS RACE SOLO!

World descriptionEdit

The world looks like a race car track from an aerial view. There are 2 doodlers, one in a red outfit with a red helmet, and one in a blue outfit with a blue helmet. The stationary platforms are grey, disappearing platforms are checkered (black and white),and moving and broken platforms are striped in a diagonal fashion in yellow and black. The only difference between the moving and broken platforms is that the broken platform is cracked.

Monsters and HazardsEdit

UFOs resemble traffic cones, which are orange with a white stripe. Potholes are similar to the holes in the paper in the original world of doodle jump. Monsters include three-eyed stop signs, robots shaped like car motors, red flags, and pit crew workers.