Missions are a feature in the game that gives you certain goals that, when all of them are met, generate new ones. Most themes also have their own missions exclusive to that theme.

When all 3 missions are completed, you will get a random reward from a spinning wheel.

List of known missionsEdit

(Last updated: 4th of December, 2017)

"-x-" means that it's a number, generally a small one, between 1 and 20.

"-X-" means that it's a number, generally a big one, approximately between 20 and 70.

"-XX-" means that it's a number, generally a very large one, approximately between 100 and 1000.

All themesEdit

  • "Share your score -x- time"
  • "Score over 10000 -x- time(s)"
  • "Get abducted -x- time"
  • "Bounce on 1 UFO"
  • "Bounce on -X- moving platforms"
  • "Fly -x- jetpacks in a game"
  • "Break -XX- platforms"
  • "Stomp on -XX- monsters"
  • "Stomp on -x- monsters in a game"
  • "Blast -XX- monsters"
  • "Blast -x- monsters without missing" (this means no lost shoots)
  • "Blast -x- monsters in a game"
  • "Jump on -X- springs"
  • "Shoot and miss monsters -X- times" (miss -X- shoots when a monster is present)
  • "Wear -x- propeller hats"
  • "Bounce on -x- trampolines"
  • "Avoid -x- monsters in a game"

All themes with a StoreEdit

  • "Unlock 1 costume"
  • "Collect -XX- coins"

All themes with a Resurrection/Headstart for saleEdit

  • Resurrect -x- times
  • Use 1 headstart

Classic themeEdit

  • Use spring shoes -x- times

Ninja themeEdit

  • "Hide in the bushes -x- times"
  • "Get caught in -x- bear traps"

Arcade themeEdit

  • "Fly -x- different space rockets"
  • "Tag -x- white ghosts"

Space themeEdit

  • "Ride -x- spaceships"

Underwater themeEdit

  • "Stomp on -x- puffer fish"

Halloween themeEdit

  • "Defeat frankenstein + wolfman 1x"
  • "Take -x- rides on a broom"

Christmas themeEdit

  • "Ride the rocket sled 1x"

Rainforest themeEdit

  • "Survive -x- rainstorms"

Pirate themeEdit

  • "Dodge -x- cannonballs"
  • "Open -x- treasure chests"

Soccer themeEdit

  • "Beat Colombia"
  • "Stomp on the referee -x- times"

Ice Blizzard themeEdit

  • "Sneak past -x- arctic blasts"
  • "Survive -x- blizzards"
  • "Freeze -x- times"