Broken Platforms are platforms that appear to be cracked in half down the middle. If you step on it, it will break and you will fall. Therefore, they are completely useless whatsoever.

Broken platforms can look many different ways, depending on which theme you are playing. For example, in Soccer theme, they are white like all the other platforms, except they appear to be cracked down the middle. In Easter theme, they look like three eggs, but players must not confuse them for the mode's currency, which is a single egg resting on a platform. In many other themes, broken platforms also look like a cluster of material. In Space theme, the cluster is made of space rocks. In Pirate theme, the cluster is made of skulls and small pieces of bone.

This type of platform is one of the most common in most themes. The first platform of its kind shows up near the start of the game. For a while, its commonness decreases slightly and then becomes more common than it was ever before, challenging the player.