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An achievement being earned

Achievements are long-term goals that stay displayed on your Score & Stats section. They are much like Missions, except that they are always the same (the numbers don't change) and always available.

List of AchievementsEdit

Name Description Tips
Kik Connector Share your score on kik
Twitter Connector Tweet your score
Facebook Connector Post your score on facebook
Spring Shoes Jumper Jump with spring shoes without falling
Serial Springer Jump on 3 springs in a row Good themes: Pirate, Soccer
Super Serial Springer Jump on 5 springs in a row Good themes: Pirate, Soccer
Monster Bouncer Jump on 10 monsters in one game Good themes: Space, Rainforest
Super Monster Bouncer Jump on 30 monsters in one game Good themes: Space, Rainforest
Conflict Avoider Jump past 10 monsters in one game
Super Conflict Avoider Jump past 30 monsters in one game
Sharp Shooter Shoot 5 monsters in a row without missing

Good themes:

Soccer, Rainforest

Super Sharp Shooter Shoot 10 monsters in a row without missing

Good themes: Soccer, Rainforest

Propellerhead Fly 3 propellerhats in one game
Jetpack Rider Fly 3 jetpacks in one game
Old-fashioned Jumper Jump past 3 jetpacks without picking them Try jumping on the very edge of the jetpack platform.
UFO abduction survivor Survive UFO abduction Shoot the UFO right before being abducted.
Racing Champ Win 100 multiplayer races
Racing Hero Win 500 multiplayer races
Racing Legend Win 1000 multiplayer races
Endurance Jumper Jump 200 times on a static platform
Focused Endurance Jumper Jump 100 times on a moving platform This achievement requires some good timing and focus.
Epic Fail Break 50 platforms in one game
Epic Fail FTW Break a total of 1000 platforms
Doodle Jump Explorer Play each theme at least 5 times
Monster Chopper Fly into a monster with a propellerhat
UFO Bouncer Jump on a UFO

Ninja-exclusive AchievementsEdit

Name Description Tips
Stargazer Survive to see the stars
Bear Trap Near Miss Set off the bear trap and live to tell about it You have to jump through the trap and not make any contact with the platform.
Sumo Stomper Shake 10 monsters in one game Requires the Sumo outfit.
Coin Collector Collect 100 coins in one game
Coin Collector FTW Collect 1000 coins in one game
Bling Bling Collect 10000 coins
Fully Loaded Upgrade jetpack and propeller to the max

Space-exclusive AchievementsEdit

Name Description Tips
Major Laser Laser 20 space monsters in a single game
Blast Off! Fly in two rockets in a single space game
Space Debris Break 50 platforms in a single game
Rocket Free Reach 75000 in space without rockets
Deep Space 1000000 total in space


Name Description Exclusive To
Arachnophobia Avoid 50 spiders ?
Gorila Thrilla Defeat angry ape 25 times Rainforest
No Diving Allowed Blast dive bomber 50 times ?
Invader Terminator Destroy 25 blocks of invaders ?
Healthy Eater Eat 100 cherries ?